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We doing professional web-design , e commerce development   , internet marketing  from our office in the center of Manhattan – Empire State Building Block – Herald Square – 34 Street area.

Our design team work closely with you to understand your business and audiences to deliver a unique and user-friendly site. When creating your site, we incorporate the wider marketing reach your site will have to make through:

  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social networking funcionality, Facebook, WordPress,  Joomla , Goolge+, Twitter , Apps.
  • Dynamic content
  • Graphic production and imaging
  • Flash animation
  • Microsites
  • Media; video, music, rss feeds
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Development
  • Website statistics and reporting

We have designed sites for many different types of businesses including online retailers, service-based companies and global corporates.

First timer?

If this is your first site, we will guide you through the process. We can also help you with:

  • Domain registration
  • Branding
  • Creating a logo
  • Web hosting
  • Email accounts

Breath of fresh air

If you already have a site, our team can work within your existing branding or help you create a brand new look and feel online and offline.

Digitally delectable

Whether you are refreshing an existing site or starting out, we can help you achieve your business goals by creating a site that will attract and convert visitors, and work within your marketing strategies and plans.

Request a meeting

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us using the details below. If you’d like to book a meeting to come and see us, use the meeting request form to the right.

Pls, fill out the application at

our adress : 43 West 33 Street suote 202B, New York NY 10001;
Phone: (347) 733-7881; (212) 889-1536

web design nyc

For Android App  – free editor

Google App Inventor  –  mobile app editor

What On New York Google Promotion  Competition Global Monthly Searches


What On New York Google Promotion  Competition Global Monthly Searches

Global Monthly Searches “What on New York” (April 2012) – 124,000,000
Local Monthly Searches “What on New York” – 83,100,000

Google Insights the search: on new york


Promotion NY insights search What on New York

Promotion NY insights search What on New York


Sample stat Business Promotion for web-site visitors from 2012

Wordpress Lessons Online op111

Wordpress Lessons Online


WordPress Lessons Online op111 –

How to make a child theme for WordPress: A pictorial introduction for beginners

Wedding Photo 3D Photo Video Studio  Web Design

Wedding Photo 3D Photo Video Studio New York Web Design

Website design and promotion NY 2012

2931 Avenue S, Brooklyn, NY 11229

2931 Avenue S, Brooklyn, NY 11229 site

In 1999 I established a team of programmers and designers based in New York and Eastern Europe. Our team is ready to take on a project of any size or difficulty. Our team will work for substantially lower rates than you could possibly get from local companies. These savings are passed directly onto you!

We Will Build Your Website Today For as low as $500

Thank you for your business


Boruch Volovik
Stargate Consulting Group, Inc

Ph. 347 694 7717


Srtategy Consulting Web design

I’m a NEW YORK Professional web developer
with over 10 years of web development experience, and over 10 years
of Search Engine Marketing (SEO) experience qualified by combination of full time and contract positions since 1999 have build over 100 database driven websites for various kinds of clients according to client specification.
Been involved in all steps of web project live cycle: data analysis, design, coding, testing, online marketing, support and improving. Worked as a team member, team leader, project leader, and independent project developer. Fluent in many computer languages under many operating systems.

CEO Ad – Advertising web design pro 


347 694 7717

Medical Malpractice Brooklyn New York Promotion on Google New York


Medical Malpractice Brooklyn New York

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