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shower health hproducts Glass-mirror Cleaner-2

Who is the richest ? How old he / she is ?

1 Bill Gates $79.2 B 59 y.o !   United States
2 Carlos Slim Helu $77.1 B 75 y.o  Mexico
3 Warren Buffett $72.7 B 84 y.o  United States
4 Amancio Ortega $64.5 B 79 y.o Spain
5 Larry Ellison $54.3 B 70 y.o United States
6-7 Charles Koch $42.9 B 79 y.o diversified United States
6-7 David Koch $42.9 B 74 y.o  United States
8 Christy Walton $41.7 B 60 y.o  United States
9 Jim Walton $40.6 B 67 y.o  United States
10 Liliane Bettencourt $40.1 B 92 y.o  France

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What countries have most of the US dollar billionaires ?

List of countries with 10 or more billionaires in 2015

Rank Country / Region Number of billionaires Richest of the Country / Region
1 United States 536 Bill Gates
2 China 213 Wang Jianlin
3 Germany 103 Georg Schaeffler
4 India 90 Mukesh Ambani
5 Russia 88 Vladimir Potanin
6 Hong Kong 55 Li Ka-shing
7 Brazil 54 Jorge Paulo Lemann
8 United Kingdom 53 Hinduja Brothers
9 France 47 Liliane Bettencourt and family
10 Canada 39 David Thomson and family
11 Italy 39 Maria Franca Fissolo and family
12 Taiwan 33 Tsai Eng-Meng
13 Turkey 32 Murat Ülker
14 South Korea 30 Lee Kun-Hee
15 Switzerland 29 Ernesto Bertarelli and family
16 Australia 27 Gina Rinehart
17 Japan 24 Tadashi Yanai and family
18 Sweden 23 Stefan Persson
19 Indonesia 22 R. Budi Hartono
20 Spain 21 Amancio Ortega
21 Singapore 19 Robert Ng and Philip Ng
22 Thailand 17 Dhanin Chearavanont and family
23 Israel 17 Eyal Ofer
24 Mexico 16 Carlos Slim Helu and family
25 Chile 12 Iris Fontbona and family
26 Malaysia 12 Robert Kuok
27 Philippines 11 Henry Sy and family
28 Norway 10 Odd Reitan
29 Saudi Arabia 10 Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud
Rest of the World 154 Pallonji Mistry, Ireland

Total 1,826 Bill Gates


List of countries by the number of US dollar billionaires 2015

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List of countries by the number of US dollar billionaires from Promotion NY

What is the number of billionaires in USA ? 

List of U.S. states by the number of billionaires 2014

Rank –  State  – Number of billionaires
1 California -111
2 New York – 88
3 Florida – 77
4 Illinois – 66
5 Texas – 59
6 Connecticut – 48
7 Washington – 45
8 Ohio – 41
9 Pennsylvania 39
10 Colorado 38
11 Massachusetts 32
12 Wisconsin 30
13 Maryland 28
14 New Hampshire 27
15 Hawaii 26
16 Virginia 25
17 North Carolina 24
18 Alaska 23
19 Oregon 19
20 Tennessee 11
21 Wyoming 10
22 Minnesota 9
23 Utah 8
24 Arizona 8
25 New Jersey 7
26 Indiana 7
27 Nevada 7
28 Oklahoma 7
29 Michigan 7
30 Georgia 3
31 Washington, D.C. 3
32 Vermont 2
33 Missouri 1
34 Iowa 1
35 Kentucky 1
36 Nebraska 1
37 Arkansas 1
38 Rhode Island 1
39 South Carolina 1
40 Montana 1
41 West Virginia 1
42 Alabama 0
43 Kansas 0
44 Delaware 0
45 Idaho 0 0.00
46 Maine 0
47 Louisiana 0
48 New Mexico 0
49 North Dakota 0
50 South Dakota 0
51 Mississippi 0
Total United States 892

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Number of billionaires in USA according the Forbes

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List of Brooklyn neighborhoods by geographical region
1.1 Northwestern Brooklyn
1.2 Northeastern Brooklyn
1.3 Central Brooklyn
1.4 Western Brooklyn
1.5 Southern Brooklyn
1.6 Eastern Brooklyn
List of Brooklyn neighborhoods by historical town
2.1 Bushwick
2.2 Brooklyn
2.3 Flatlands
2.4 Gravesend
2.5 New Utrecht
2.6 Flatbush

List of Brooklyn neighborhoods by geographical region in details:

Northwestern Brooklyn neighborhoods
Brooklyn Heights
Brooklyn Navy Yard
Admiral’s Row
Cadman Plaza
Clinton Hill
Downtown Brooklyn
Bridge Plaza/RAMBO
Fort Greene
Fulton Ferry
Pacific Park/Atlantic Yards
Prospect Heights
Vinegar Hill
South Brooklyn in Northwestern Brooklyn – ( the original town of Brooklyn, which today includes – “Northwestern Brooklyn neighborhoods ” )

Boerum Hill
Carroll Gardens
Columbia Street Waterfront District
Cobble Hill
Park Slope
South Park Slope
Greenwood Heights
Red Hook


Northeastern Brooklyn neighborhoods
Ocean Hill
Stuyvesant Heights
Wyckoff Heights
Little Poland
East Williamsburg
Central Brooklyn neighborhoods
Crown Heights
Ditmas Park
Beverley Squares: Beverley Square East, Beverley Square West
East Flatbush
Fiske Terrace
Prospect Park area
Ocean Parkway
Prospect Lefferts Gardens
Prospect Park South
Windsor Terrace
Western Brooklyn neighborhoods
from 36th Street to 101st Street and from 1st Avenue to 25th Avenue

Bath Beach
Bay Ridge
Borough Park
Dyker Heights
New Utrecht
Sunset Park
Sunset Industrial Park
Southern Brooklyn neighborhoods
Barren Island
Bergen Beach and Georgetown
Coney Island
Brighton Beach, also known as “Little Odessa”
Manhattan Beach
Sheepshead Bay and Madison
Sea Gate
Gerritsen Beach
White Sands
Marine Park
Mill Basin
Plumb Beach
Eastern Brooklyn[edit]
East New York
City Line
Cypress Hills
New Lots
Starrett City
Highland Park

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Maria Heloísa Aalling

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Iman Abdulmajid

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Auguste Abeliunaite

Klara Abelova

Moa Aberg

Yomi Abiola

Maiken Abma

Adwoa Aboah

Kesewa Aboah

Adrienne Ábrahám

Lera Abramova

Andrea Abrego

Megan Abrigo

Nazgul Tutkyshbekova

Nazgul Tutkyshbekova Brooklyn New York –


Nazgul Tutkyshbekova Nazgul Tutkyshbekova

Nazgul Tutkyshbekova (Brooklyn, NY )  from Kazakhstan.

Nazgul Tutkyshbekova and Officers NY USANazgul Tutkyshbekova came to US 2,5 years ago. Nazgul Tutkyshbekova  graduated  Central Asian University in Almaty
(The University of Central Asia (UCA) was founded in 2000. The Presidents of Tajikistan, the Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan and His Highness the Aga Khan signed the International Treaty and Charter establishing this secular, not-for-profit, private University, which was ratified by the respective parliaments and registered with the United Nations. Wiki)

Nazgul Tutkyshbekova works in non profit organization in Brooklyn, and she proudly does volunteer jobs.

Nazgul Tutkyshbekova’s favorite places Manhattan, yellowstone national park.


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