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24 -hour Russian language Entertainment Lincoln Square TV network that serves a nationwide Russian speaking audience. Available to U.S. and Canada subscribers via local cable providers and satellite network, We provide programming that includes entertainment, and entertainment ONLY. Russian Americans form a large segment of the consumer marketplace in key urban centers- and as the Russian speaking population continues to expand, advertisers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to target this ever growing demographic. In fact, Russian Americans represent one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the US, and our  TV is perfectly positioned to help you tap into this emerging market.

Lincoln Square MAKS TV is the only global network of its kind, serving as a bridge to the culture and country that Russian



tv russian advertising New York commercial cabel TV Manhattan
tv russian advertising New York commercial cabel TV Manhattan


expatriates left behind as well as a window to their newly acquired home. Lincoln Square Maks TV is the only Russian-language television network in the U.S. with a fully-fledged independent programming service, which enables us to provide professional and innovative programming, while maintaining maximum objectivity and credibility.


TV hasbecome the premier television network for this rapidly expanding community, reaching millions of people worldwide, covering the United States and Canada, Russia and other former Soviet Republics, Europe, and the Middle East.


503 chanal is the ONLY multicultural television station serving the growing ethnic communities in the New York City area.

These communities comprise of approximately 1.4 million people in New York City on Time-Warner Channel 503, and approximately 850,000 persons in the Sacramento Valley region on Comcast Channel 238. Time Warner Cable and Comcast Cable are the two largest cable television providers in the world.

Our 503 Chanal   provides “multicultural targeting” – serving the underserved and hard to reach

The demographic of our nation is changing, and 503 Chanal is the ONLY Tristate  local television station with programming directed towards multicultural audiences that are underserved by traditional television/cable stations on basic TV package.

Promotion NY and Lincoln Square RE   on 503  Chanel offers multi-language translation for your commercial