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Business Promotion Steps

“Zero” decision-making moment is changing the face of marketing for advertisers nowadays.

Manhattan business club pageA promotion plan outlines the promotional tools or tactics you plan to use to accomplish your marketing objectives.

1. Description of the promotional tactics you plan to use.
2. Projected costs for the year.
3. Explanation of how your promotion tactics will support your marketing objectives.
4. Description of promotional adjustments for cyclical businesses, if yours is indeed cyclical.

When you’re deciding upon the best promotional strategy for reaching your target market, you need to:

1. Do research
2. Keep your customer in mind
3. Be creative
A partial list of promotional tools is listed below:
1. Advertising: The purpose of advertising – to make potential buyers aware of products or services – and to encourage them to make a purchase
2. Marketing Collateral. It can include brochures, flyers, fact sheets, direct mail pieces, and other communications pieces that are produced directly by the company. All of your company’s printed pieces should be in tune with your overall marketing message and company image.
3. Promotional Activities. Sponsorships for special events; harticipation in community projects and boards of directors; Trade Shows; Fairs ; Give-aways; Coupons and free samples, conducting contests.
4. Public Speaking and Conferences.
5. Publications such as newsletters, trade journals and books.
6. Media Relations Campaigns
overall plan for contacting and staying in touch with targeted members of the media (reporters). You might want to develop a media relations campaign if it would benefit your company to be mentioned in newspaper, magazine or TV broadcasts viewed by your target audience. Developing press releases, press kits and public service announcements could be included in your media relations campaign.

Adjustments for Seasonality for seasonal or cyclical business

Developing a Promotional Plan

1. Creating your image
2. Picture your image
3. Prepare your company and product brochure |
4. What is in a promotional package?
5. Additional promotional aids
6. Monitoring your promotional plan


If you don’t have enough money – free advices

Business Promotion Starts With Your Contact Information
Business promotion first steps

1. Use every outgoing piece of paper, and every electronic document
2. Writing articles on topics related to your business expertise
Well-written articles can provide free advertising and build positive word-of-mouth.
3. Sending out press releases.
4. Internet promotion.
5. Buddy marketing.
6. Give out freebies.
7. Talk show.
8. Seminars or presentations.
9. Use your vehicle.
10. Through your lesiure activities.

Inexpensive Marketing Strategies

1. Networking. The most effective way to network is to cultivate relationships and give referrals to other members first.
2. Referrals. Instead of assuming that a satisfied client will refer someone to you, ask for that referral.
3. Writing. Every industry has trade magazines and most are hungry for good content.
4. Newsletters.
5. Cold calling.
6. Give free information.
7. Offer a guarantee.
8. Advertising.