Promotion New York


Business promotion plan

A good promotional plan for your product helps you focus on your market, streamlines your advertising activities and ensures that a consistent, high quality image is portrayed and maintained.

A promotional package should be flexible enough that it can be used in a number of ways. You may wish to work with the media, go to trade shows, contact buyers directly and use it to impress financial backers. A promotional package is part of public relations. Public relations will help:

position your company as a leader, enhance your reputation and grow your client base
position you as an expert in your industry so the media uses you for quotes, interviews and information.
build consumer confidence and trust
cultivate new markets
impress financial backers and encourage investors

1.Creating your image – First impressions are important. To create an image, start by describing your product in one or two words. For example: classic furniture , easy-to-prepare, laser hair removal, as a treat, home-cooking, batub reglazing, convenient, nutritional, low-fat
for parties only, natural, interior design, for kids, fresh from the farm
ethnic, diamond watches

2. Picture image of business.
3. Prepare your company and product brochure and web-site.
4. What is in a promotional package? ; basic brochure, letterhead and business cards, factsheets (Each of products can have its own factsheet ), price lists , folder, labels,news release. ( News releases should provide the customer with all of the information they need to make a purchase. Include where your product is available, what it costs, why they would want to buy it and how they can use it.)
5. Additional promotional aids – catalogue, display items, newsletters, e-letters, food sample
6. Monitoring your promotional plan