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Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Business Consulting for  Leaders

Consulting  for  Leaders is an indispensable strategic resource, delivering timely, reliable insight to guide your key decisions and get the most from your highest-priority initiatives.

Business Consulting for Enterprise  Leaders
Business Consulting Industry Advisory Services

For CIOs, CTOs, and other senior  executives,  we provide research within the specific context of their industry. Our analysts write to a client-prioritized agenda with highly targeted advice aimed at generating new business value and new sources of competitive advantage.

Business Consulting for technology investors,  detailed research to support buy/sell recommendations, perform due diligence, evaluate risks and opportunity, and generate ideas.


Business consultant – an expert in a particular field who works as an advisor either to a company or to another individual.

The analysis finds that expenditure on sustainable business consulting will grow from $5.8 billion in 2011 to reach $10.5 billion in 2014**


1. Business: How to help a business turn a profit.

2. Computer consulting: From software to hardware, networking, web-sites, internet-marketing and everything in between.

3. Accounting: Accounting is something that every business needs, no matter how large or small.

4. Advertising: This type of consultant is normally hired by a business to develop a good strategic advertising campaign.

5. Auditing: From consultants who audit utility bills for small businesses to consultants who handle major work for telecommunications firms, auditing consultants are enjoying the fruits of their labor.

6. Career counseling.

7. Communications: Communications consultants specialize in helping employees in both large and small businesses better communicate with each other, which ultimately makes the business more efficient and operate smoothly.

8. Editorial services: From producing newsletters to corporate annual reports, consultants who are experts in the editorial field will always be appreciated.

9. Grantsmanship: Once you learn how to write a grant proposal, you can name your price.

10. Human resources. (People-problem prevention programs could include teaching employees to get along with others, respect and even violence prevention in the workplace.)

11. Insurance: Everyone needs insurance, and everyone needs an insurance consultant to help them find the best plan and pricing for them.

12. Marketing. ( marketing plan, promotion consulting, marketing consultant )

13. Payroll management.

14. Public relations

15. Publishing. ( help to launch a new newspaper, magazine, newsletter, websites and electronic newsletters )

16. Taxes. ( Our tax consultant advise businesses on the legal methods to pay the least amount of tax possible )

17. Writing services. ( Anything related to the written word will always be in demand )

18. Video marketing


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