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Business Club Project

Checklist for Forming a New Club

  1. Plan an organizational/interest meeting with other interested persons, located in a convenient meeting space.
  2. Prepare the agenda and create a survey or interest sheet to learn the interests and needs of the constituency you plan to serve.
  3. Promote your meeting by notifying interested persons via a press notice in the newspaper, contacts in support departments of area corporations, schools, and friends and neighbors.
  4. Hold organizational meeting.
  5. Survey attendees for their interests and needs.
  6. Recruit volunteers for organizational committee to make initial recommendations.
  7. Evaluate attendee surveys to determine focus of group.
  8. Choose interim leaders.
  9. Locate regular group meeting place.
  10. Determine regular meeting date and time.
  11. Plan for services or activities to offer at start.
  12. Determine budget.
  13. Establish dues based upon projected members and budget for services.
  14. Plan programs for the first three to six months.
  15. Follow up your plans with the attendees of the organizational meeting.
  16. Advertise meetings.
  17. Recruit members.
  18. Organizational committee should recommend name, purpose, structure, activities, dues, and legal status.
  19. Draft Constitution and Bylaws.
  20. Hold meeting to approve organizational committee recommendations, approve Constitution and Bylaws, and elect officers.
  21. Evaluate progress.

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