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Tidal stream generator price

Tidal stream generator prices –

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Tidal power can be classified into three generating methods:

Tidal stream generator

Tidal stream generators (or TSGs) make use of the kinetic energy of moving water to power turbines, in a similar way to wind turbines that use moving air. This method is gaining in popularity because of the lower cost and lower ecological impact compared to tidal barrages.

Tidal barrage

Tidal barrages make use of the potential energy in the difference in height (or head) between high and low tides. Barrages are essentially dams across the full width of a tidal estuary, and suffer from very high civil infrastructure costs, a worldwide shortage of viable sites, and environmental issues.

Dynamic tidal power

Dynamic tidal power (or DTP) exploits an interaction between potential and kinetic energies in tidal flows. It proposes that (for example: 30–50 km length) dams be built from coasts straight out into the sea or ocean, without enclosing an area. Tidal phase differences are introduced by the presence and dimensions of the dam, which is not negligible in size compared to the local tidal wavelength. This leads to hydraulic head differences across the dam. Turbines in the dam are used to convert power (6–15 GW per dam). In shallow coastal seas featuring strong coast-parallel oscillating tidal currents such as found in the UK, China and Korea, a significant water level differential (of at least 2–3 meters) would appear across the dam.

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