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How to sell TV advertising

How to Sell TV Advertising

1. Come up with a prospective television commercial or multiple television advertising ideas for the prospective client to consider. If you talk with the client on the phone before your in-person meeting, you can get an idea whether the client is looking for television advertising that is catchy, funny or serious in tone. You may even decide to draw a story board for the client to consider.

2. Find other television advertisements that might be similar to the commercial you’d want to create for the client. You want your television advertisement for each client to be unique and completely different. But finding commercials that are airing in other television markets that might be appropriate for your prospective client can be a helpful tool in selling television advertising.

3. Meet with the client and show him information about where the television advertisement would be seen and by whom. Demographic information is important when selling television advertising. Prospective advertisers want to know what age groups, ethnic groups and income levels watch the shows during which the advertisement would air. If you are selling television advertising for a company that offers multiple shows or multiple channels, consider which show or channel might be the best place for the television advertisement to air.

4. Explain to the client who puts the commercial together, what the process is and what the client’s responsibilities are. If the client is expected to approve scripts within a certain time frame, be sure the client understands this. Outline any expenses that are involved for the client, including airtime expenses and production costs.

5. Have the client sign a contract that outlines the terms of the agreement. The primary items to list in a television advertising contract are the price, the production time line, and the number of times the commercial will air and at what dates and times. Having the client sign a contract protects both parties in the agreement and creates a guide from which the production and airing of the television advertisement can work.

How Much for Local TV Advertising?

Local Affiliates
Many of the major networks and channels such as NBC, CBS, MTV, and Nickelodeon have affiliate channels in local communities. As a result, businesses may increase their exposure and reputation on these channels for lower fees. Monthly fees on these channels can range from $1,500 to $2,500 for local cable networks such as MTV and CNN. Generally, monthly fees may include two 30-second slots per day, one during the day and one during primetime. However, determining the amount of slots and the details of a package can be difficult without consultation with the business. For local broadcast networks, fees may range from $2,500 to $5,000 monthly. Broadcast television reaches more viewers than cable and packages are sold according to the time of day (morning, daytime, primetime, late news). According to, packages can only be determined after meeting with the local business.

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