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online communication training

Promotion Online Communication Training gives you a world-class communication training curriculum that trains you to master the art of communication in your personal and professional life. Instead of simply focusing on theory, we give specific tactics such as:
Danger Phrases & Power Phrases
Step-By-Step Communication Strategies
Lead-In Lines and Closing Lines
Free-Style Scripts
Commanding Verbal Patterns
Personality Type Systems and Verbal Patterns
Body Language Maneuvers
Email and Writing Templates

and more, all designed to give you the words and tools to communicate with power, confidence, tact, and finesse, eliminate negativity, deal with difficult people, identify and relate to various personality types, strengthen teamwork–and more–whether it’s
Face to Face
Over the Phone, or
In Emails or Any Written Communication

We do this using our proprietary 3-step process, in which we give you
1) The theory behind the lesson
2) The tactic, to help you implement the theory ( Power Phrase, Script, etc.)
3) The tool to help you master the tactic ( Quick-Reference Card, Audio/video, etc.)
Take a look at our course outline below to see everything you’ll learn. We add to our outline on a monthly basis.