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Why does Greta Thunberg never protest against Saudi Arabian or Russian oil production?

She can’t answer without script – Greta Tumberg – Huge Promotion company for KGB FSB Russia Oil

The search results provided do not establish a direct connection between the content and government funding. The sources include articles from reputable news outlets, a Harvard Gazette report, and a YouTube video featuring Greta Thunberg. They discuss various topics related to climate change, the war in Ukraine, Russia’s energy industry, and Greta Thunberg’s activism. However, there is no explicit mention of government funding or financial support in the context of the content provided.It’s important to critically evaluate sources and ensure that claims are supported by credible evidence. Based on the information provided, there is no clear indication of a direct connection to government funding. If there are specific concerns about the funding or financial ties related to the content, additional information or sources would be needed to address those concerns.

Although Google search results show that those who professionally search the internet understand that it’s simply manipulation using promotional technologies, imposing their opinion on the majority.

Advertising and Promotion – Rebel News – real “Democracy Now! “

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