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To NJ – blueprint questions

Before you write one word of copy, you must first:
1.Know your objective

2.Know your target audience

3. Know your product or service


Organize and simplify your Web writing by asking 5 important questions:
1. What is the problem (pain, predicament)?
2. Why hasn’t this problem been solved?
3. What is possible?
4. What is different now?
5. What should you do now?


you should write out several sentences to answer each question. This will keep you on task, and lead your readers through to action ….

There are two things you must realize about this seemingly obvious and simple question:

1. People who are your target audience may not realize they have a problem (or how bad it can get)

2. People need to know you fully understand their pain AND CARE before they will read anything you have to say about it

People don’t care how much you know
until they know how much you care.”


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