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Ashoka for Social Entrepreneurs

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Social entrepreneurs who join Ashoka must meet several requirements. First, they must have a new idea for solving a public need. The candidates must also be creative at both setting goals and solving problems. Second, they must be willing to spend years trying to make their project a success. Third, the candidate’s idea must be able to solve an important social problem at the national level, or even internationally.
And finally, an Ashoka candidate must be completely trustworthy. He or she must be concerned with serving other people in a fair and honest way.
CHRISTOPHER CRUISE: Anyone who meets these conditions can become an Ashoka member. There are no age or education restrictions. Ashoka is always looking for new members. You can nominate someone who works as a social entrepreneur in your community or country. You can find email addresses for Ashoka’s different area offices at  ( )
FAITH LAPIDUS: Include a short written description of the candidate’s project and why it is inventive and effective. Also include the candidate’s email address. The process to become an Ashoka fellow involves several steps. But the rewards that come from joining the group are worth the time and effort.

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