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Fashion business New York

Fashion business New York

New York Fashion Magazine

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How To Influence People Using The Power Of Persuasion
1) Sympathy
2) Using Laughter to Persuade People
3) Greed is Gold



Amazing Tips To Successfully Persuade

1) You must understand the situation according to their point of
view. Set aside your personal interests and concentrate on

Just pretend that if you are them, what would you do? What
would be your opinion? Then take the appropriate action that
would be beneficial to them.
– mirroring
– Provide them with compelling evidence.
– Explain to them how your ideas or suggestions could be the
most effective techniques to implement. Show them undeniable
proof that you have the best product by way of testimonials,
before and after scenarios, and detailed comparisons against
your competitors. Just make sure that all your claims are
true and verifiable. Always maintain a good reputation.

People are self-centered. They are initially concerned with
their own well-being before others. If you can prove that
your proposal will provide more advantageous benefits to them
than to your own, then they will probably accept it.



Business Academy – NY Business Academy

Manhattan   window treatments Chinatown East Side


window treatments manhattan google

window treatments manhattan google 2011

Window Treatments – Hunter Douglas Window Treatments
As the industry’s largest manufacturer of custom-made window treatments, Hunter Douglas window fashions are designed and assembled in the U.S., …

Window Treatments from Window Shades, Blinds …
… Buy brand-name Window Treatments for everyday discount prices on! $2.95 shipping and product reviews on Window Shades, Blinds, …
Curtains – Blinds & Shades – Valances – Sheer Curtains

Best Window Treatments: Curtains, Draperies, Window Valances …
Curtains, draperies, window valances, roman shades and blinds with coordinating home decor collections. Grommet drapes with contemporary curtain rods

Window Treatments at Lowe’s: Curtains, Blinds, Roman Shades
Find a variety of window treatments at Lowe’s. Shop roman shades, blinds, curtains, drapes, curtain rods, valances, window film and wood blinds.

Chine town window treatments


Manhattan  town window treatments Chinatown East Side

Made in Italy kitchens Manhattan –  Google search – Made in Italy kitchens Manhattan

made in italy kitchens manhattan google 2011 May

made in italy kitchens manhattan google 2011 May

Italian kitchens nycLink to Google

Italian kitchens NYC google May 2011


Pedini kitchens nyc – on Google Furniture and kitchens page

Pedini kitchens NYC google May 2011


Custom kitchen New YorkGoogle  custom kitchen new york –

Custom kitchen New York NYC google May 2011


Custom kitchens Manhattan – custom kitchens manhattan Google – ;

custom furniture nyc –  Google

custom furniture nyc

custom furniture nyc


modern kitchens nyc

modern kitchens nyc

modern kitchens nyc

modern kitchen manhattan

modern kitchen manhattan Google 2011 May


modern kitchens midtown @


Custom kitchens Manhattan May 2011 Google

Custom kitchens Manhattan May 2011 Google


pedini kitchens manhattan

pedini kitchens manhattan

wood art ny – wood art NY Google

europian kitchens manhattan

Europian kitchens Manhattan google May 2011

Modern Furniture Magazine –

Modern Furniture Magazine May 2011 Google

Manhattan Kitchens 2012 May 13

Manhattan Kitchens 2012 May 13

Global mark minevich



Bike Rent Manhattan NYC
Contact information: phone: 1 (646) 220 – 4703

Bike rent Manhattan NY Central Park

Address: 125-131 WEST 58 STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10019 USA

Bike Rent Manhattan NY from Iryna Bondaruk

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Anatoliy website website website

3D Visualization Software to Capture, Construct, Recognize, Render and Track 3D objects out of image sequences taken at video speed with Time-Of-Flight (TOF) Range Camera.
Software Development to facilitate the creation of a 3D scene or objects, based on images from multiple 3D cameras.
Automated system for scanning a sample from a microscope slide to recognize and identify cellular debris.
Parsing Compressed Video streams to gather statistics information and recognize and identify specific patterns.
Custom software to segment and recompose images, extract visual information or analyze visual data using OpenCV libraries.
Development of DirectShow Filters.
Peer to Peer Software application to combine video streams from web-cams with computer-drawn vectors.
Computer Vision Software to display the exact position of moving objects or people inside a multi-story building on a “2D Plus Perspective” screen.
Archival and Diagnostic Review Software for a Dental X-ray application.
Image archival and retrieval system to review and analyze defects in semiconductor production to improve yields.
Three-screens Multimedia Presentation System that records the presenter along with the 3-screens presentation.
Commercial Image Processing and Image Analysis applications for the bio-tech market that are used for life science research.
Vector Editor, Elevation Editor and Meta-data Editor components for a major commercial GIS. These are part of a mapping software tool for terrain database generation and visualization that is used to create 3-D terrain databases for real-time visualization systems.
Google Earth integration with real-time car position and just-in-time driving instructions.
Porting Image Processing and Computer Graphics code from C++ to C#.
Applicable Markets:
Surveillance Systems, Machine Vision, Life Sciences, Semiconductor Inspection, Forensic imaging etc.

Programming expertise:
C#, .NET framework, VC++, ATL, COM, MFC, WIN32, GDI+, MATLAB, OpenCV, Image Processing, 2D and 3D vector graphics, DICOM, OpenGL, DirectX, DirectShow, ASF, AVI, WMV, MPEG, 3DS, WPF, Silverlight

Agile Software Development Process
Our agile working methodology enables us to produce superior software that addresses real issues — while being reliable and easy to use, maintain and evolve. We develop top-quality applications that satisfy the needs of end users with fast development cycles and very competitive rates.

nspect, Measure, and Count using Photos and Video

We develop ComputerVision software for video-based inspection and measuring tools that meet your needs. Our rapid development methods assure effective, intuitive solutions no matter how complex or ambiguous the challenge.

3D programming new york signs awaning new york signs awaning website

Signs and awning Brooklyn