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wordpress plugin instruction

The shortcode
As the plugin is based on WordPress Shortcodes you can include some attributes in order to customize the menu and overwrite the Default Settings saved in the Plugin Option Page.

Here you have the Shortcode attributes list:

position = ‘vertical’ Orientation of the menu (vertical/horizontal)
type = post’ Type of menu list (post, page, menu)
cat = ‘ ‘ List post under this categories if type = post
number = 5 Number of post
name =” Name of wordpress menu (under Appearance)
effect = ‘swing’ Animation effect based on:jQuery UI Effects
closed_d = 100 Items dimension when the menu is not activated
opened_d = 200 Items dimension when mouseopen
width = ” Width of the menu if it’s vertical
height = ” Height of the menu if it’s horizontal
duration = 300 Transition timing
border = 1 Border between items
border_color = ‘#000000’ Border color
open = ” Item opened by default (0,1,2,3…randomly)
id = ” Post or Pages Ids separated by comma


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