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How to Sell Magazine Advertising.

How to Sell Magazine Advertising. By

Step 1: Write Your Pitch

When writing a sales pitch, it is important to remember that a pitch is an outline, not a script. It is not designed to be read verbatim, but is intended to serve as an outline for the sales conversation. At the beginning of the pitch, make a note to get the name of the person you are speaking with and use it often throughout the conversation. The second thing you should ask is if they have time to visit. Then outline the magazine’s unique features so they will be organized when you are making calls. At the end of the pitch, list a few common objections and the appropriate response. For example, if an advertiser says, “We don’t really have much to spend right now,” your response could highlight your low ad rates or flexible payment terms.

Step 2: Find Potential Advertisers

Making a list of potential advertisers requires a great deal of time. You will want to have a rather large list to book enough ads to fill your publication. Potential advertisers can be found everywhere. Look through competing magazines, websites with similar content, television commercials for products your audience would like, and local event advertising. Put all the contact information for these companies into an Excel sheet or Filemaker Pro database.

Step 3: Start Calling

With your pitch, client list, and any necessary marketing materials in hand, you are ready to start making calls. When you call the company, ask to speak to the person who handles their advertising. Sometimes this
will be an outside agency and sometimes the person in charge is in-house. Once you are in contact with the right person, ask if they have time to talk so they know you value their time. If they have a few minutes, follow the outline of your pitch by highlighting a few of the magazine’s features. After covering a few points of interest, ask the client about their business. This can develop into a discussion of how the magazine can be beneficial for the client’s business and marketing goals. You will get a better response if you approach your sales call as a consultation rather than a hard sell. Hopefully at the end of the conversation you will have gained a sale. If not, be sure to ask the potential advertiser when a good time to follow up is. Write down the follow up time and be sure to call when you say you will.



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