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Igor Trynos

First Generation Master Thatcher
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Welcome to Igor Trynos Website


*I am able to thatch with all accepted materials. Usually Water reed – Combed wheat reed – Long straw – heather – African veldt grass.

*The materials I use are all organic and eco-friendly.

*The methods are often historicaly proven – aesthetically pleasing – and are a practical form of roofing that has natural insulation properties.

*I have up to the minute knowledge on fire protection with thatch.

*I can liase with builders, surveyors , architects , and/or clients direct.

*I have and will travel anywhere to carry out the wonderful craft of thatching .

* For larger projects I am able to call on thatchers from England , Poland and The Ukraine.


When I was a child my grandmother lived next door to a thatched house in the Ukraine . I used to wonder in amazement at this unusual roofing method.

In 2000 I traveled to England to further my agricultural degree.
I was happy to be given the opportunity by Mr David Kenward ( ) to learn the craft .

In my 5 1/2 years in England I learned the various methods of thatching – English style.
I was awarded a certificate of Excellance in thatching .
On my return to The Ukraine I soon became busy carrying out various interesting thatching assignments .

In the United States I have been involved with many thatched projects .I have worked in the following States .
*New York State.
*New Jersey
*California (North and South )
*North Carolina
In England I have worked in Kent , Sussex , Surrey , Essex Cambridgeshire and Southeast London.
I was particularly honoured to help thatch shelters at The Royal St. Georges Golf club for the PGA Open Championships at Sandwich in Kent.
I have helped in thatching a mammoth project in Holland .
In The Ukraine I have carried out many Thatched projects including .Houses , Cottages ,Gazebos , Bars ,Restraunts and Skansens (Open air museums)

So now you know what my capabilities are and you are interested in having such a roof . OR would like to discuss it further do not hesitate to contact me.


Master thatcher Igor Trynos

‘phone…. (347) 217-8775

1374 Ocean ave.Apt.4G.Brooklyn.NY.11230

‘E’ mail



After working with many different Master Thatchers in so many different areas , I have gained extensive knowledge in many different methods and styles of thatching


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